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ART | TROPE was created by an artist for artists.

In May 2008Virginie Tison decided to take a major shift in her life. She wanted to create a system that enabled artists to remain active in the international art market with less effort and less cost.

Most artists cannot find balance in their everyday lives.

“How are they able to create art while maintaining enthusiasm and passion for self-promotion and the tasks involved with being an artist in the 21st century?”

The loss of an agent, the closing of galleries, so many situations that can destroy the fruit of years of work and passion. This fear for the majority of artists.

“How can artists remain active in the major international art centers, while maintaing a physical presence in their local studio?”

During the last two years, Virginie has fine-tuned her logistics platform. ART | TROPE officially opened its doors for business in late September 2010. 

  • The proposed ART | TROPE artists today

A logistics platform in Paris and New York, which offers services (free to $499/year) for one year without exclusivity. Our guaranteed features include:
- We promise to circulate the name of the artist and his art consistently.

- We promise to introduce the artist to our many partners (exhibition venues).  If these businesses are interested in your artwork, we will arrange a formal introduction and/or obtain constructive feedback on your behalf.

- We promise to optimize the presentation of exhibitions and openings through the support of sponsors who offers discounts and/or benefits of their professional services to all our members.
- We promise to optimize the promotion of artists and their events.
- We promise to transmit information effectively. We will create aprofessional web page about you and your artwork with the direct links on your social networks.

- We promise to spread your name and your artwoork to numerous contacts via our ART | TROPE newsletter (about 50,000 contactsin constant evolution), our social networks, our blog, our press contacts, etc.
- We promise to provide a free or affordable service for your exhibitions.

This existing community in both Paris and New York develops a synergy around the needs of artists for a healthy career. We guarantee:

- exchanges
- mutual aid
- travel
- support in your research and development
- discounts of professional services

Find all our services by clicking on this link:

  • The goal of ART | TROPE: Be present on five continents

Virginie Tison created this concept on a financially sustainable scale with the goal of expansion on five continents. It is important for artists to travel, which effectively multiplies their chances of meeting future collectors and reduces financial barriers.

  • Virginie Tison, the ART | TROPE Founder and President:

“I’m glad because I managed to find solutions to this dilemma as old as the world: artistic integrity against the harsh economic reality. ART | TROPE just works through its members and the icing on the cake is the imminent creation of the Foundation. It is with joy and passion that I see ART | TROPE as my most beautiful creation. We will support an incredible number of artists and artistic research. I did not come aloneI want to thank the hundreds who participated in one way to the birth of this project and to my incredible and loyal Team in New York and Paris.”

Please leave your comments and questions below. A member of the ART | TROPE staff will respond promptly.