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THE 5 OPÉRA, the concept store of Compagnies du Monde, invites its clients to discover the world through travel, contemporary art and the “art de vivre”.

One year ago, Compagnies du Monde, one of France’s leading luxury travel agencies, brought together all of its activities in a concept store. THE 5 OPÉRA proposes custom travel to the 5 continents, contemporary art from these same destinations, and a moment to savor the organic coffee and tea imported from the locations they serve.

Custom Travel – Compagnies du Monde is one of France’s finest travel agencies, offering hand-picked excursions focused on art and culture. Travel consultants, each specialized in a continent, craft tailor-made trips around the world.

Contemporary Art Gallery - THE 5 OPÉRA has invited 4 artists to show their work in a contemporary art gallery located on one of Paris’ most prestigious avenues. These artists, chosen personally by Jean Alexis Pougatch, the President of Compagnies du Monde, are decidedly influenced by their culture of origin. The gallery is proud to have shown the work of Kimiko Yoshida (Japan), Tawak Wattuyya (Thailand), Tony Brown (Canada) and Catharine Cary (USA).

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