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The original Brazilian translation for ACABAS: foothills that ensure the stability of large trees in the Amazon. This term refers perfectly to the spirit of ACABAS, whose purpose is to represent and support promising artists.

ACABAS is a gallery of furniture and art objects. It features outstanding artists and their atypical work. These artists put matter at the center of their creations, either by using it in its natural state, or by recycling the matter into something new. Instead of existing as opposing forces, the new materials communicate with each other.

Such exceptional furniture and objects are the special exception of the ACABAS gallery. It’s a real laboratory of expression, where each object is a unique piece, with possible variations to meet your specific requests.

Finally, the ACABAS artists are changing the application of their art actively by participating in projects of architecture, layout or decoration.

The approach remains the same. Only the technical aspect changes.

Other features: rental, leasing, partnership home staging.

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